Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mont St. Michel and Chenonceau

I'd been waiting years to see this place, ever since my high school Latin teacher showed us pictures from his trip there one year. Mont St. Michel is a mountain of an island with a huge abbey at the top. During high tide, the island is surrounded by water, but during low tide you can walk from the mainland out onto the island. The tide recedes up to 9 miles! Imagine being on an “island” surrounded by wet sand and you can't even see the ocean because it's receded so far! The abbey was interesting and very big. I enjoyed walking along the steep, narrow cobblestone streets, and all the lovely views from the top.

We've been traveling with a friend's GPS device, and while it's been useful, it's definitely changed our vocabulary for the worse. The GPS is voiced by Cartman from South Park, so now everytime we want to say “Turn Left,” instead we scream, “Turn left you goddamn Jew!” or “Go around the circle road-thingy.” or “Turn around you tree-hugging hippie asshole!”. Somehow it hasn't ceased to be amusing.

After Mont St. Michel, we began the long drive back to the Loire Valley, stopping off at the Ch√Ęteau of Chenonceau. Unfortunately, the front of the castle was being renovated, so we didn't get as many interesting shots. I really enjoyed the very detailed booklet the castle gave out, even though Andrew thinks it was information overload. It had a lot of interesting details about all the women who had lived in the castle, particularly Diane of Poitiers and Catherine d'Medici.

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