Saturday, April 10, 2010

C'est parti!

Our vacation has officially started, but first an update about what we've been up to the past two weeks before I bombard you guys with more interesting updates.

Our English friend Amy had a birthday party in which everyone painted on themselves with UV paint and then glowed through the night thanks to the help of strategically placed black lights throughout the apartment. Andrew decorated me à la Avatar, for which I repaid him with a poorly executed Cal insignia. Go Bears!

We had planned on going to the Salon du Chocolat the next day, but after hearing from friends that it wasn't worth the admission price, we decided to instead buy the admission price worth of chocolate from a shop in Orléans instead of paying to get in and just look at chocolate. We hung out in the town square at a café and enjoyed our delicious treat.

The next party was a Carnavale of sorts, with a “Decades” theme. Everyone came dressed as a different era, Andrew and I representing the 20's/30's. We looked quite sauve, if I do so say.

Jennie, Organizer of All Things Assistant Related, looked awesome in her flapper dress, Caitlin was an awesome hippy, and Samantha pulled off the Grease look quite well.

Anna was a little crazy in her 80's workout outift, but we love her even though the colors hurt our eyes.

Seamus, being Irish, was maybe a little confused and came dressed as an old Mexican.

Patrick had an interesting Zack Morris vibe going on with his jeans, sneakers, and suit jacket. All he needed was an oversized portable phone.

Our potluck this month was “British Food,” which mostly meant those not from the island tried to create something that might be considered British for the purpose of humoring those who were in fact from Great Britain. I made cucumber tea sandwiches, and a horrible rendition of scones (French flour is EVIL!), and Andrew presented fish and chips. We also had a selection of smoked salmon sandwiches, a sort of oatmeal crumble, cheddar cheese and crackers, and the obligatory tea. After the party we all headed to the cinema to see Alice in Wonderland (my second time seeing it). I really enjoyed it, Andrew was disappointed.

Our last party of the month was a dinner with four of Andrew's colleagues. It was a little (OK, a lot) stressful for me to cook chicken pot pie and apple pie for six, especially considering I had to work that entire day, and then speak in French with people I'd never met for five hours. It was still fun though, even if Andrew forgot to tell me one of the guests was a vegetarian (thus, no chicken pot pie for her). Andrew made up for it by force-feeding her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

We're currently in Paris, awaiting the arrival of Andrew's parents. Here are some pictures of the Easter displays at the chocolate shops around town.

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