Monday, September 17, 2012

California Dreaming

September 2012 found us wandering toward the West Coast for a brief stop in our hometowns. Andrew had his 10 year high school reunion on September 15th so we decided to use that time to visit family and celebrate the impending arrival of our daughter, due on December 20th.

Our families combined forces to throw us a large, co-ed baby shower. While we ladies dined on different fondues and played silly baby shower games, the men took turns whacking each other with sticks in the backyard. My husband ended up with a pretty nasty gash on his forehead, the scar from which is still present today.

Since my brother's fiancee was visiting from Missouri, my grandmother and I took her to Hollywood and Santa Monica to visit from of the more touristy spots. We hit up the Hollywood stars, the pier, and the end of Route 66.

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