Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wonderland Cafe

There aren't many western restaurants in town, but by far my favorite is Wonderland Cafe. This cozy cafe is located just down the street from us, and it has a delicious menu that includes prime rib and foie gras. I haven't tried the more gourmet food yet, as I usually go there for the cheaper lunch and coffee. What I love about this place isn't the excellent cuisine, but the amazing atmosphere. Sweet song birds serenade diners, and the lovely stone walls and comfy couches make it difficult to leave this place.

The attention to detail is something I really admire in a restaurant, and it's a rare feature to find in China. See the little kitty paw prints?

As can be expected, the downside is the expensive prices, but we still manage to spend a couple hours here sipping hot drinks and reading about every two weeks or so. I plan to spend more time there when Andrew leaves.

We were introduced to another restaurant in town which has cheaper coffee and good pizza, Pizza Fan House, but it's farther away from our place and the ambiance isn't as great. Yet it did have this interesting sign:

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