Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crazy Signage

Wow, this is Post #100 on my blog. To celebrate, here's a compilation of the crazy signs we've seen in China. It's obvious why they need English speakers, no?

First, from our own city of Qinhuangdao:


Then we move to the Shanghai World Expo, which had a lot of interesting interpretations of English.
I didn't realize there were so many old, disabled, pregnant women

Nope, really don't understand this one

I think they mean "no stamp"

In line for the pavillions

That means "no cutting." If only this sign had been effective...

Not sure what it is made from

The saddest part is that spitting is a BIG problem in China

Extra spermy???

To be fair, this is Costa Rica's slogan, not China's

Now, on to transportation in Shanghai.
This is amusing, because in China, the pronunciation sounds like "lousy men"

True Blood fans, anyone? If you're looking to hook up with a vampire, head here!

Glad to see airport security is still pretty tight

Guilin also had some interesting signage.

This is difficult to read, but it refers to the toilet seat as the "butt plate"

Near a waterfall

At a national park

As long as you do it carefully...


  1. Hehehe, I love these. When I was bored and working at the library, we would look at hundreds of these online.

  2. Yeah! Really bizzare ideas for signages! Do you think people will take those signages seriously?