Sunday, May 16, 2010

Going through Switzerland to get back to France...

After parting ways with Dijon and its horrible weather, we took a train to Geneva, Switzerland to visit two of Andrew's friends, who are Scottish but used to live in Berkeley, and now live in France but work in Switzerland. Confused yet?

When we arrived in Geneva we then took a train back into France to Ségny, at the foothills of the Jura Mountains, where Avril and David Quarrie live. We were welcomed warmly, despite the fact that Andrew hadn't seen them for eight years. We had our own bedroom, a huge bathroom, and all the food and alcohol we could consume. Avril had lunch waiting for us, and after we took a short walk around the village, stopping to buy some delicious cakes, before rain forced us back inside. At dinner that night we devoured the abovementioned cakes, which included some interesting flavors like raspberry balsamic vinegar and olive oil from Provence. It may sound weird, but as you can see from the before and after pictures, pretty much everything in France tastes delicious.Our second day in Ségny started with a trip back to Geneva to visit CERN, where David works on the particle reactor that almost destroyed the world. Wait, was that a Dan Brown book or not? It was interesting, though too scientific for me.

We then took a very long car ride into the Alps to the town of Gestaad, a Lake Arrowhead-esque village in the middle of nowhere full of expensive shops (Cartier!!!). The weather was dismal, so we shivered our way through the village, not even able to take refuge in the shops, as they were all closed due to the Ascension holiday that had shut everything down in France (and obviously Switzerland) for the third weekend in a row (there were also holidays the last two weekends). Who says France is secular??

I found the Alps very beautiful, very green, and a little nauseating. I don't do well in long car rides.
What I enjoyed most about this trip was spending time with Avril and David, who spoiled us like we were there grandchildren. It really made me homesick for my mom and grandma. Avril even looked a little like my Nana at times.

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