Sunday, January 24, 2010


Nicole and I went to a free jazz concert here in Orleans. It was really fun. The band played some pretty good songs, and we had amazing seats right next to the pianist. The saxiphonist had three saxes (alto, soprano, and baritone I guess), and he seemed to use each one for every song. It was a good show, and what I liked best were the reflections. I loved how the orange and pink lights reflected off of the brass and mixed with the colorful clothing of the band. The reflection of the pianists hands in the piano also created an eerie, surreal, ethereal feeling.

We keep magically getting really good seats at the theater. I hope it continues.

In other news, my young'uns showed off their dances to the other kids at school, to the applause of all. They danced Sellenger's Round and Sir Roger de Coverly, with a brief intermission to say the words they learned: "right hand, left hand, both hands, no hands, clap your hands."

Now all the kids want to learn a dance. Yikes?!? Yay!?!

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